All new patients must read and acknowledge the Anesthesia Instructions found here.

While we will submit a health claim to your insurance plans, this does not guarantee payment. We are a separate entity from both the facility and surgeon, thus we are not necessarily contracted with the same plans. You will receive a separate bill from your anesthesiologist, just as you will from your surgeon, radiologist, or pathologist. Your anesthesiologist is not covered by the hospital bill. You may receive a bill from us for the Anesthesiologist and one from the hospital for a CRNA, please note that you have not been double billed. Medicare and other health plans require us to submit a separate claim for our services, one for the anesthesiologist and one for the CRNA. In light of this, you can expect the two statements from us that reflect any balance you may owe. Wilkes Anesthesiologist is following the regulations set forth by the insurance plan for the billing of anesthesia services. The total reimbursement we receive for each bill is 50% of what we would have received if only one claim had been filed for your service. We participate in most insurance plans. In these circumstances, you will receive a bill for your deductible and co-pay.

If you have questions about our charges or insurance coverage before or after your surgery, contact (, or use the online form found below or call (844) 212-1610. It is usually best to answer these questions before elective surgery, to a avoid surprises after surgery.

We are contracted with the following plans:

  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Champus Medcost
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • United Care
  • GreatWest
  • Wellpath

If you do not see a plan you are insured with listed above please contact our office so we can explain the North Carolina Insurance laws, and how it should "not" impact your decision "or reimbursement."



For your convenience, we have two online methods available to pay your bill.

  • ONLINE - We now have available a secure online payment option for our patients using a major credit card, debit card, check or savings (ACH). To get started, please click here!

    Online Payment
  • PHONE - You may call our billing office to make a payment using a major credit card. (844) 212-1610


Please use this form to ask questions about your bill. Be certain to indicate the best number, and or email address, to reach you. We will get back with you as soon as possible.